REPORT: Obama Increasingly Worried Trump Will Beat Biden in 2024 Election | The Gateway Pundit

REPORT: Obama Increasingly Worried Trump Will Beat Biden in 2024 Election | The Gateway Pundit

Former president Obama is apparently sweating the possibility that Trump could beat Biden in the fall election.

He has good reason to be worried, as Trump is already beating Biden in numerous polls and the country is obviously not satisfied with the direction of pretty much everything under Biden.

One has to wonder why Obama is so invested in the success of Joe Biden. Is it just partisanship or does he have something to lose personally?

FOX News reports:

Obama increasingly worried about Trump beating Biden, report says: ‘Incalculable damage’

Former President Obama is becoming increasingly anxious about the closeness of the 2024 presidential election and fears former President Trump could take back the White House, according to a report.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, one of Obama’s closest confidants, told USA Today that if Trump were to win the Republican nomination and beat President Biden this November, there could be “incalculable damage” brought upon the country.

Holder confirmed Obama “absolutely” holds the same views when asked by the publication.

“I think that’s what motivates him. I think that’s what will continue to motivate him,” Holder responded.

Individuals within Obama’s inner orbit further said he believes the race would be extremely close, according to USA Today. Due to this, Obama will try to “move the needle” toward Biden with calculated moments throughout the campaign.

NBC News claims that Obama and Biden had a lunch meeting in December to discuss this.

In many ways, Trump’s election in 2016 was a rejection of Obama and the policies of his presidency. Democrats know this, they just don’t care. They will do anything to remain in power.

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