Reset Australia with this magnificent Brief for the Covid Royal Commission –

Reset Australia with this magnificent Brief for the Covid Royal Commission –

Cairns News has perused the Proposed Terms of Reference for a Covid Royal Commission and we can only describe the entire 107 page document(below) collated by an independent panel consisting of medical experts and legal practitioners proactive during the alleged Covid outbreak, as an extraordinary document which could potentially, if enacted in full, be the Reset Australia blueprint we have been searching for.

There has been no government or bureaucratic involvement in preparation of this Terms of Reference document:

Cairns News supports the proposed witnesses to be called and readers will have read the Covid articles written by some of them in Cairns News prior to and during the Covid scamdemic.

A sample of these individuals (below) and their departmental staff who will be called to give evidence will open a Pandora’s box of blame-shifting, shape-shifting, intense scrutiny and rear guard actions trying to avoid the ultimate consequences.

The examination of the scientific basis for why treatment protocols (i)-(iv) were not
adopted, or were restricted, or were rejected or were said to be not effective against
SARS-CoV-2 should include statements and reasons and scientific evidence relied
upon by, but not limited to:

a) the Prime Minister;
b) the Commonwealth Health Minister;
c) the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer;
d) the Secretary of Health;
e) the TGA;
f) the Australian Medical Association;
g) the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners;
h) the Medical Board of Australia

These witnesses below will be called to give evidence against those in the list above:

Prof Wendy Hoy;
Prof Thomas Borody;
Prof Brendan Vote;
Prof Robyn Cosford;
Prof Phillip Morris;
Prof Robert Clancy;
Prof Ian Brighthope;
Dr Tess Lawrie;
Dr Pierre Kory;
Dr Paul Marik;
Dr Georgina Hale;
Dr Bruce Wauchope.

An examination to confirm whether evidence placed before US Congress
investigating the Wuhan lab leak shows participation by Australian scientists in
efforts to conceal the origins of SARS-CoV-2, and if so, an examination of any such
US evidence and any further Australian evidence for confirming the nature and
extent of Australian involvement.

Proposed witnesses:

Prof Nikolai Petrovsky;
Prof Francis Boyle (US);
Dr Robert Brennan;
Senator Rand Paul (US) staffer

A person could have no symptoms of COVID-19 infection and be classified as a
COVID-19 case, hospitalisation and/or COVID death, based on a positive test
result alone. In the absence of symptoms, and a relevant estimate of the false
positive rates of the PCR and other test used to identify COVID-19 cases, it is
uncertain whether a case defined this way was valid or had any clinical

This document has the potential to clean up Canberra and state governments like never before and it is notable the document preparation has not had any government involvement.

The Royal Commissioner’s appointment is a way off as yet, but this position must also be given the utmost stringent scrutiny from the senate committee and the independent panel. Cairns News would recommend the likes of Justice Michael Kirby an eminent, non-partisan Jurist but his age might now go against him.

The High Court of Australia and courts Australia-wide have been criticised and targeted for scrutiny.

The MSM, fact checkers, social media, censorship, adverse event reporting, informed consent, Nuremberg Provisions, WHO, Bill Gates and gene technology are among subjects to be explored and it seems not a stone will be left unturned.

List of proposed expert witnesses, some of whom readers will be familiar:

Emeritus Prof Robert Clancy
Emeritus Prof Ramesh Thakur
Prof Wendy Hoy
Prof Ian Brighthope
Prof Norman Fenton
Prof Phillip Buckhaults
Prof Bhattacharya
Prof Marty Makary
A/Prof Peter Parry
Jessica Rose PhD
Dr Joseph Fraiman
Dr Pierre Korey
Dr Peter McCullough
Dr Tess Lawrie
Dr Robert Malone
Andrew Madry PhD
Wilson Sy PhD
Kevin McKernan, B.S.

We urge every reader to either make their own submission or to sign onto the 107 page prepared Terms of Reference which Cairns News has signed. Thanks to Senator Malcolm Roberts for his tenacious work in getting this far with a potential game changer.

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