Senator Reynolds ‘vindicated’ as Brittany Higgins’ cover-up narrative is debunked

Senator Reynolds ‘vindicated’ as Brittany Higgins’ cover-up narrative is debunked

In the aftermath of the Federal Court’s ruling against Bruce Lehrmann, Senator Linda Reynolds has spoken out, expressing relief at the judgment.

She asserted that the ruling has effectively dispelled the allegations of a cover-up within her office.

Justice Michael Lee’s judgment, which dismissed Lehrmann’s defamation action against Channel Ten and Lisa Wilkinson, also criticised Higgins’ claims of a cover-up as lacking in factual basis and consistency. Describing the attempt to substantiate these claims as “like trying to grab a column of smoke,” Justice Lee underscored the unsubstantiated nature of the allegations. 

In response to the ruling, Senator Reynolds, who was the defence minister at the time of the incident, voiced her sense of vindication, highlighting the toll the accusations had taken on her and her former chief of staff, Fiona Brown.

She lamented the damage inflicted on their careers, reputations and health. Reynolds hailed the judgment as setting the record straight and debunking the false narrative surrounding the alleged cover-up.

Despite her satisfaction with the ruling, Reynolds is embroiled in a defamation lawsuit against Higgins and David Sharaz, which is scheduled for trial later this year.

While refraining from further comment, Reynolds stressed her commitment to clearing her name, noting that Justice Lee’s findings hold no legal binding in her ongoing defamation case.

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