Stop this evil! Terror attacks being used to undermine Aussies’ freedoms –

Stop this evil! Terror attacks being used to undermine Aussies’ freedoms –

CAIRNS News is appealing to our police, politicians, military and intelligence services to expose and stop certain shadowy forces we believe are facilitating terror attacks on Australian soil and then using them as an excuse for draconian, restrictive legislation.

Already, within a few days of the two knife attacks in Sydney and a machete incident in Melbourne, police and politicians are being prodded to increase stop and search “wanding” powers that have already been condemned by civil libertarians and other defenders of our political rights and freedoms.

There are also questions around the Bondi stabbing that raise suspicions of a staged psychological operation. Video footage posted by Rise Melbourne, for instance, shows a bizarre, casual attempt at CPR by a police officer on an alleged victim. We won’t jump to conclusions, but why would you pump the stomach of someone allegedly lying on the floor with knife wounds? Perhaps the NSW Police can clarify the situation for us?

As always happens at these types of events, dozens of ambulances, police and emergency service vehicles flood the scene.

Rise Melbourne also posted video of the Melbourne blade incident, which quite frankly, looks a little too dramatic, with the participants dancing around like ninjas and identities well hidden behind balaclavas and dark clothing.

Other footage from Bondi also reveals a distinct lack of blood on the alleged knife man and other people who apparently handled badly slashed victims bleeding to death. But how dare we question a tragic event. Or is that the way these particular types of terrorist events are designed?

Queensland police already have extraordinary powers under the Jack’s Law legislation to use hand-held metal detectors to search people at so-called “safe night precincts”, at public transport stations and on public transport without a warrant.

But if Premier Stephen Miles and former Police Commissioner Katrina Carrol get their way, new legislation will give police even wider stop and search powers at shopping centres. Currently, police only require “reasonable suspicion” of an offence in order to detain, question and search someone.

There’s also been talk of biometric scanning being used at shopping centers, which would bring Australia even closer to the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance state. Miles and various senior police are most likely offering a knee-jerk reaction to placate public outrage over these attacks, but certain shadowy political players know exactly what they are doing by pushing this “security state” narrative.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also weighed in to the event, using the excuse of the “terrorism” tag on the attack on Assyrian Christian Bishop Mari Emmanuel to justify doubling the budget for the Office of E-Safety Commissioner that is pushing for tougher restrictions and censorship of social media.

NSW Premier Chris Mins also came out pushing the censorship barrow. “If extra laws are required to take down webpages that are spreading misinformation then that’s what needs to happen,” he said. Community members should only act on advice that’s provided by the government.” Really Mr Mins? Like the advice governments gave us about “safe and effective mRNA vaccines”?

Rise Melbourne posted on X: “Here we go…It’s all lining up, 3 alleged mass stabbings in 4 days, multiple alt media accounts deliberately incorrectly naming various religious groups and now the Govt announces boosted E Safety guidelines for misinformation. That’s on top of floated new police ‘stop and search’ laws without warrant. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s confirmed, it’s psyop season.”

Cairns News has previously reported on mass shootings back in the 1990s that instigated the mass destruction of firearms across Australia, in line with the global drive to ban private firearm ownership as stated in various UN forums (see Cairns News coverage on the Port Arthur Massacre). Talk now is that it will soon be a criminal offence to possess a knife. Even while fishing off a wharf?

The idea of mass killings being used to manipulate populations is unthinkable to most people, yet these same people would agree there’s a thing called terrorism and that is exactly what terrorism is designed to do. What people instinctively struggle to accept is that people in high places of government would plan and carry out terrorism.

While state and federal agencies declared the attack on Bishop Emmanuel a terrorism incident, the Bondi Junction attack at Westfield didn’t qualify, despite the six deaths. Allegedly the attack on the bishop was “ideologically driven” but the other attack not. It’s a rather curious distinction and simply adds to suspicions of a psyop.

We should also note that a recent death threat made against the bishop gave him just two weeks to live. This is the same Bishop who has spoken out repeatedly against Australia and the rest of the world’s handling of the so-called Covid pandemic. His messages went worldwide on TikTok and other social media platforms. Did this influential religious leader step on too many “important” toes?

Any terrorist event can operate under the cover of a military exercise, as happened on September 11, 2001, under the NORAD training drill Vigilant Guardian, or even an emergency services drill or major public event such as the infamous Boston Marathon bombing.

These events all tend to have common “markers”. They always involve a disturbed or “lone nut” male individual, are staged in prominent places, involve heroic players who tell their story afterwards on media and people of multiple nationalities.

Just who might be facilitating terrorism in Australia is difficult to pinpoint, but the corporate, top-down command structures that dominate government, business and all manner of NGOs these days, means drills, exercises and narratives can be implemented via the directions of a relative few individuals.

Following the Bondi stabbings, Cairns News posted a video featuring Dale Holmes, an online activist and organiser of the Sky to Earth Conference. Holmes raised a series of questions about the Bondi incident, and has invited Danish journalist Ole Dammegard, who has researched terror psyops for decades, to speak at the conference in May.

Holmes said Dammegard had taught many people how to identify false flag attacks, for instance, the presence of some sort of police or military drill in an easily identified location, witnesses and victims with connections to military, media and police and exposure of corporate branding.

Recent events of this kind in Australia could include the Melbourne CBD car rampage and the Lindt Cafe siege in Sydney. Media coverage of invariably features continuously repeated video clips of a limited number of scenes at the site, for instance, SWAT team members stalking areas, people running (a favourite) and a few other brief shots of the perpetrator, who is almost invariably the lone, mentally disturbed male.

Video footage from the Melbourne CBD rampage showed the central character and disturbed male Gargasoulas doing donuts in a Holden, in the middle of a Melbourne CBD intersection. Around the scene were certain people in bright colours giving him directions. Three unmarked police cars then literally escorted him out of the intersection to the mall, where people were run over. No attempt was made to stop him.

As with the December 2014 Lindt Cafe hostage siege where the alleged perpetrator Man Haron Monis, was shot dead, so was the alleged Bondi knife attacker, Joel Cauchi, of Toowoomba. Apart from being diagnosed with scizophrenia as a teen, Cauchi went on to study at university and tutored English online.

According to a media report, police had bee in contact with him since 2020, “primarily because of mental health issues” but never arrested him. His last contact with Queensland police was a “street check” on the Gold Coast in December.

Frank Lowy, the owner of the Scentre Group which owns the Westfield shopping centres, has global business and political connections and should know something about terrorism, having been a member of Haganah, the Zionist paramilitary group that led the Jewish insurgency against the British authorities in Palestine.

Lowy, now in his 90s, also founded the Lowy Institute, Australia’s leading “neoliberal” foreign affairs think tank. He is also chairman of the Institute for National Security Studies, an “independent academic institute” that studies key issues relating to Israel’s national security and Middle East affairs.

Coincidentally, or maybe not, just days before the Bondi attacks, Scentre Group informed tenants in a pamphlet at its main Westfield Sydney mall to hide customers, lock doors and turn off lights if confronted by an armed offender, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

“Australia’s largest shopping centre manager, which operates 37 malls, would not confirm to this masthead if the same safety message was provided to the Bondi Junction’s tenants before the stabbing rampage on the weekend,” the SMH reported.

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