Trudeau Liberals’ anti-racism grant recipient establishes pro-Hamas media group

Trudeau Liberals’ anti-racism grant recipient establishes pro-Hamas media group

An individual who was awarded a grant by the Trudeau government for his efforts in combating racism has recently played a role in starting an online media organization that focuses solely on disseminating anti-Israel content.

Laith Marouf, a Syrian-born Canadian citizen currently residing in Lebanon, is identified as one of the founders of Free Palestine TV (FPTV). The media outlet commenced its operations after the October 7 incident involving the Hamas terrorist organization, which is backed by Iran, and its attack on civilians in the Jewish state, the Post Millennial reports.

In a statement posted on the organization’s website, Marouf expressed that FPTV would “fill a large gap in the media battle with the enemy, at a time when it is difficult for our expatriate communities to defend our resistance without being subjected to persecution or harm that amounts to imprisonment or even death.”

He alleged that there existed a “ban” in Western countries on media “supporting the resistance forces in the English language.”

As per their website, FPTV is run by a group of volunteers based in various global communities, specifically in the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. Their aim is to “incite free peoples to move and fight Zionism and imperialism wherever they exist, through effective demonstrations and protest movements that go so far as to close military factories, block roads and ports, and sit-ins to paralyze global support for the Zionist entity.”

FPTV has live-streamed content from the front lines of Israel’s conflict with Hamas, which they describing the terrorists as a “resistance group,” and post speeches delivered by Hamas’ leaders translated into English.

The October 7 massacre is referred to as the “Al-Aqsa Flood” on their website, which is the code name used by Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups for this operation.

Despite a well-documented history of engaging in antisemitic actions, Marouf was appointed as a senior consultant at the Community Media Advocacy Centre. In 2021, the Trudeau-led Liberal government granted CMAC $133,822 to support the development of an “anti-racism action program.”

In 2022, following the revelation that Marouf had made derogatory comments about Jews, including referring to them as “loud mouthed bags of human feces,” Minister of Housing, Diversity, and Inclusion Ahmed Hussen declared the suspension of CMAC’s project and the discontinuation of its federal funding.

Subsequently, Marouf has continued to express his strong hatred towards Jews, Israel, and even his own home country, Canada.

In reaction to a November 10 social media post by law professor Michael Geist, where he criticized Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez’s actions in the matter, Marouf referred to Geist as a “little Jewish White Supremacist turd.”

“We will crush your Jewsader Colony and the Imperialist hordes on our shores,” he added. “After, we will be hunting down all Zionists and bring them to stand trial in liberated Palestine.”

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