Trudeau Liberals have never met an emissions target

Trudeau Liberals have never met an emissions target

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Canada’s Environment Commissioner has called out the Trudeau Liberals for their “shoddy” record on ‘climate change’ having not met a single emissions target.

“Canada is the only G7 country that has not achieved any emission reduction since 1990,” testified Commissioner Jerry DeMarco at the Senate energy committee. “Taking meaningful action to reduce emissions is the most impactful thing Canada can do […] in addressing the global climate emergency.”

“Solutions exist,” he said, “such as renewing the government’s fleet with zero-emission vehicles or implementing effective fiscal and regulatory measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” But DeMarco contends they are implementing solutions “much too slowly.”

“That needs to change, now,” he said, while dismissing assertions that Canada is a climate leader.

“All the other G7 nations are down in their emissions, some of them by quite a bit,” said DeMarco. “So, there is no track record of Canadian emissions reductions. There’s only been a track record of increases in greenhouse gas emissions.”

“It’s not a matter of, ‘Oh, we’re falling short of our reductions and we’re getting fewer reductions than we hoped for,'” he said. “We haven’t had any reductions. We are up 14 percent since 1990.”

The commissioner clarified that Canada is not necessarily “doomed to failure,” although he urged cabinet to “bend the curve down” to reach these targets. Doing so would procure a more positive report.

In an April 20 report Emission Reductions Through Greenhouse Gas Regulations, faulted Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) for not determining the impacts of their climate policies, reported Blacklock’s Reporter.

DeMarco says the federal government “does not know whether it is using the right tools to reduce emissions,” citing tailpipe regulations on new vehicles or tighter controls on coal-fired electricity plants.

“We found that because of the significant difficulties involved in attributing emission reductions to individual regulations the Department of Environment could not estimate whether any regulation had its intended effect,” said the report. “We note this weakness could affect the department’s ability to make timely decisions.”

“The list of failures grows longer yet again,” DeMarco earlier told reporters. “It’s not about counting widgets,” he said.

“The ‘just trust us, it’ll all add up’ doesn’t work until they actually start showing that they’re able to meet a target.”

DeMarco’s comments followed an April 14 National Inventory Report by the ECCC that acknowledged greenhouse gas emissions increased by 12 million tonnes in 2021, the most recent available data, despite rising carbon taxes. Annual emissions declined in 2020 but only due to travel bans and pandemic lockdown orders, data showed.

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