UNICEF EXPOSED: Criticized for misleading public on fundraising information

UNICEF EXPOSED: Criticized for misleading public on fundraising information

In a shocking revelation, UNICEF is facing criticism for providing misleading information to the public regarding its fundraising efforts amid the ongoing Middle East crisis.

Although their website showcases a donation program for the Gaza and Israel conflict, an investigation has uncovered that Israelis do not receive any of the allocated funds.

Following a tip, our journalists discovered a donation program on UNICEF’s website titled, “Help for the GAZA and ISRAEL Crisis.” 

After contacting UNICEF, it was confirmed that no program exists to support Israeli victims of the October 7 attack led by Hamas. The exclusive program is solely accessible to Gazans, allowing people worldwide to donate solely to them.

On their website, UNICEF features the Gaza donation program, intertwining it with the Israeli massacre story:

Following the deadly attacks on Israel on October 7th, UNICEF continues to call for the safe release of children being held hostage in Gaza so that they may be reunited with their families and loved ones.

UNICEF’s fundraising practices appear to exploit tragic events, such as the barbaric attacks led by Hamas, to raise funds for one side of the conflict. This controversy raises significant questions about the transparency and fairness of UNICEF’s approach to delivering aid.

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