VIDEO: Stew Peters Tells the World Who ‘They’ Really Are

VIDEO: Stew Peters Tells the World Who ‘They’ Really Are

Last Updated on December 17, 2023

Nationally syndicated TV news host Stew Peters blew the forbidden whistle as he told the world who “they” really are – with “they” being the people behind the levers of power, destroying Christianity, America, and Western Civilization.

“They literally are trying to kill us,” Peters said on the air with Jones. “People are always talking about ‘they.’ ‘They’ are out of control, ‘they’ are killing us. We have to identify who the real enemy is,” said Peters, highlighting the international phenomenon of political observers and commentators describing a gang of globalist oppressors merely as “they” without ever truly defining the bad guys.

“We have to know, where does this infiltration come from? And, when you really step back and take an honest look at every single level of our federal bureaucracy, there’s one little nation-state of Israel that everybody’s afraid to talk about,” Peters went on to say, blowing the whistle on America’s so-called “greatest ally” that has spied on, politically influenced, and even attacked America in the nearly 80 years since its founding.

Talking about Israeli influence over the United States and the world, Peters went on to say, “will get you nuked off the internet.”

“It’ll get your Twitter shut down, it’ll get you kicked off of Rumble, it’ll scare advertisers away from doing business with you if you talk about ZIONIST infiltration,” Peters said.

“So, if that’s the one sensitive subject that nobody wants us to talk about, then I think that’s pretty obvious that’s the thing that we should be talking about.”

Watch the video footage below: 

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While Stew Peters’ decision to tell the world exactly who “they” are has quickly gone viral on social media, it’s far from the first time that the news host and filmmaker has blown the whistle on malign Zionist activities.

Earlier this year, Peters exposed the pedophile origins of the far-left Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish pressure group that staunchly supports Israel, calls The Holy Bible “hate speech,” and calls for Christians plus American Patriots to be permanently banned from the internet – all while having extreme influence over corporate America and uni-party politicians in Washington.

As National File reported at the time (8/22/2023):

“The ADL’s origins go back more than 100 years. They go to an infamous murder case in Georgia,” explained Peters.

“Leo Frank was the Jewish manager of a factory in Atlanta that relied on child labor,” Peters went on. “One of Frank’s workers, a 13-year-old girl named Mary Phagan was found raped and murdered in that factory.”

“Frank was put on trial, convicted ultimately and unanimously despite hiring the best legal team that money could buy, and [was] sentenced to death,” said Peters.

“But, after heavy political lobbying, Georgia’s Governor commuted Frank’s sentence to life in prison. So an outraged group of Georgia citizens calling themselves the ‘Knights of Mary Phagan’ broke into Frank’s jail, kidnapped him, and hanged him in Marietta, Georgia.”

“ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt marked the anniversary of Frank’s death with a tweet, calling him the victim of an unjust conviction motivated by, of course, antisemitism,” Peters explained.

“But the ADL got something unexpected. The new Twitter or X community notes system – that’s the new post-Elon Musk system where people can add helpful, factual notes to the bottom of tweets.”

“Before Musk, the ADL practically ran Twitter’s censorship regime. Well now, censorship is at least superficially mostly gone and the fact-checking is in the hands of the people,” said Peters.

“[Leo Frank] raped and murdered a 13-year-old white girl and tried to frame the illiterate black night janitor,” the community notes attached to Greenblatt’s post read, exposing Leo Frank for the racist pedophilic murderer that he was, and exposing the ADL for the racist, pro-pedophile, pro-child killers that they are.

“His pardon, 73 years after his death, does not clear him of the accused crime and was likely politically-motivated,” the community notes went on to say, citing multiple web links.

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