Voting survey reveals Liberal, Labor, Greens have almost no support –

Voting survey reveals Liberal, Labor, Greens have almost no support –

Here is your chance Bob, Pauline and Clive, do something to save Australia

By Jim O’Toole

A national survey of 1075 readers almost unanimously ruled out voting for Liberal, Labor or Greens at the next federal election.

Asked if they would vote for any of the main parties, 95.35 per cent of respondents said NO.

Just 4.65 per cent said yes.

Interestingly 88 per cent said they do not trust the electoral roll. They support a national, physical habitation check of every dwelling conducted by an independent contractor.

This result of course spells big trouble at the next election for LibLab and Greens whose reliance on the AEC and its unlawful two-party preferred option ensures Tweedledee or Tweedledumb get into power at every election.

At the 2022 federal election Labor secured just 32 per cent of the primary vote and was handed power in default by the AEC.

The Liberals had a slightly higher result but won less seats, thus Labor was given the gong.

In 2022 Covid vaxx victims generally had not yet become sick en mass, but in 2024 the ball game changed with excess deaths sitting at around 30,000 for 2022-23, according to Liberal Senator Alex Antic.

We have no doubt the riot after the Wakeley church stabbing incident which saw 40 police cars severely damaged and three police officers hospitalized earlier this week, was inflamed by western suburbs residents who have better Covid lockdown memories than the police, whose brutality they endured more than three years ago.

It seems rioters were looking for a chance to get even, but they should have targeted LibLab and Greens who waged UNWEFWHO genocide against Australians. Corporate Robocops just did as they were told, which reveals their lack of any conscience or ability to think for themselves.

Sydney’s ethnic communities have revolted against Police Commissioner Karen Webb’s declaration of a terrorist incident at Wakeley as being way off the mark.

If the police didn’t get either placebo vaxxes or exemptions they too will swept up in the triumvirate’s depopulation program.

Will One Nation, Katters Australian Party and United Australia Party have the gumption to seize on these results to form a new party and stand candidates in every electorate?

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