WATCH: Victoria ordered to release ‘state of emergency’ health advice

WATCH: Victoria ordered to release ‘state of emergency’ health advice

The fight for justice post Victoria’s ‘state of emergency’ has taken a significant turn with the ongoing case of Nick Patterson.

Rebel News viewers will be familiar with Nick’s case and the trials and tribulations he and his group of friends faced following the 2021 COVID restrictions where they were pursued, assaulted and ultimately arrested on the streets of Melbourne.

Nick’s journey through the justice system has been well documented, with regular updates available on Today, I bring you the latest developments in this ongoing saga.

Earlier, in May, concerns were raised about the legitimacy of the state of emergency. The contention was that the government established it on presumptions rather than concrete evidence.

To challenge this, affidavits from key officials, including former chief health officer Brett Sutton and ex-health minister Jenny Mikakos, were deemed crucial.

During a court appearance on December 15th, Nick’s legal team pressed for the release of these affidavits. The judge set a deadline of January 15th for the prosecution to provide the necessary material.

Nick says that this challenge is unprecedented in Australia, especially within a criminal court setting. While past attempts to question the state of emergency have been swiftly dismissed, this case may set a precedent.

As the deadline looms, the question remains: Will the government provide the required evidence, or will they, as seen in previous cases, backtrack? Regardless of the outcome, Rebel News remains committed to keeping you informed.

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