WHO death jab dealers are behind South Australia’s anti-smoking hypocrisy – www.cairnsnews.org

WHO death jab dealers are behind South Australia’s anti-smoking hypocrisy – www.cairnsnews.org
South Australia’s chief health officer doesn’t like you smoking but will push an experimental mRNA jab into your arm at the drop of a hat.


SMOKERS have good reason to unite against the World Health Organisations and their brainless, bureaucratic quislings who occupy Australian state health departments.

If you’re not familiar with the word quisling, it’s from Scandinavian languages and means a citizen or politician of an occupied country who collaborates with an enemy occupying force – or more generally as a synonym for traitor or collaborator.

That’s a perfect description of South Australia’s top health bureaucrats, namely Chief Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier and the Labor Party health hack, aka Health Miniature Chris Picton, and their public square spruikers the local media.

This is the same SA chief health officer who once spuriously warned footy crowds not to touch a flying footy because of “Covid risk”. Now she has launched some of Australia’s harshest anti-smoking laws.

A couple of years ago this same CHO, like others around the country, ordered mass jabbing of people with one of the most dangerous pharmaceutical products ever to hit the streets, experimental mRNA gene therapy injections, otherwise known as Covid vaccines. Those shots, they said, were “safe and effective”, no questions asked.

The injured and dead are testimony to the criminal, craven actions of these hypocritical health bureaucrats, who now have the gall to carry out mass banning of a relatively harmless, but admittedly addictive activity called smoking or vaping. Spurrier and her boy Picton now have the demon smokers in their sights with a whole new range of public places declared off limits to this allegedly mortal sin.

It isn’t that Spurrier and Picton suddenly had a brilliant idea to improve the health of South Australians by clamping down on smoking. This duo would be lucky to have one original idea. They are merely following the WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, allegedly “a priority in all countries [that] will be critical to the achievement of the new sustainable development goals”.

This is the same WHO that shamelessly indulged in what can accurately be called a global biowarfare operation on behalf of a gang of big pharma drug pushers and their billionaire investors such as Bill Gates, who made $20 for every $1 he invested in so-called Covid vaccines.

The cost of this exercise in global greed, based on a genetically engineered flu virus released in the midst of a socially engineered global panic, is literally millions of lives cut short and now seen worldwide in alarmingly high excess death statistics.

And the same media that partook in this crime against humanity now has the gall to cheer on the suppression of people’s right to ingest a mild relaxant called nicotene. For instance Nine News enthusiastically covered the launch of the SA smoking ban with barely a hint that someone might object to being fined for having a puff somewhere outside.

Referring to beachgoers, a Nine News reporter introduced the totalitarian attack on open-air puffs with “…and come March 1, the air around them will be a little cleaner too” before cutting to his Health Minister sponsor. Oh yes, you can bet Nine will be raking in a nice little State Government spend on this latest “health” campaign.

Picton spouted that these dastardly smokers would be banned from puffing within 5 metres of jetties, within 50 metres of beach flags, around the entrances to schools and hospitals, and around kids’ sporting games where you also won’t be allowed to smoke because Nanny State says so.

The new anti-smoking so-called laws will include a handy little $105 “on the spot” fine, but should an illegallly smoking peasant dare go to court, somehow the fine gets upped to $750. In other words, seek justice in a court and we’ll penalise you for that too.

So it’s no more relaxing puffs for the fisherman throwing a line in off the wharf after work. But we would guess that amateur fishing itself is probably next on the SA Labor fascists’ List of Unsustainable Things To Be Banned.

Endorsing this attack on individual rights was Sean Faulkner of Surf Life Saving South Australia, another recipient of state hand-outs. Seanie reckoned it was all about “providing the best and safest environment for beachgoers, especially between the flags”.

The Nine News boy then added to the anti-smoker hysteria by noting: “And it’s just a part of a sweeping statewide crackdown,” he warned, as vision showed a police car (shock, horror) cruising by. “Smoking and vaping also banned within 10 metres of schools and childcare centres, shopping centres, office buildings, boundaries of major health centres and near players or spectators at children’s sports. Both (vaping and smoking) will be entirely banned at public outdoor pools and declared major events.”

Nine of course, no doubt with Health Department media managers’ help, then zoomed in on some random dad at the beach who said it would be “great not to see cigarette butts on the beaches!” Yay dad, imagine that!

But Nine news did manage to squeeze in a doubting but severely edited comment from another man with a South American accent who apparently had the capacity to think. “You go to work, you pay taxes, you pay some more then pay more – where’s it going to end?” And that was more than enough for the editors at Nine News who know very well you can’t have thinking people saying too much on a national news network.

All of the hypocritical hoo-ha over smoking has now elevated the activity to a noble act of defiance against bullying bureaucrats and the WHO criminal cabal. Perhaps a mass smoke-in on the steps of Parliament would be an idea?

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