Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Highlights from Explosive “Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States” | The Gateway Pundit

Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Highlights from Explosive “Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States” | The Gateway Pundit

Earlier today, President Trump Truth’d out an all-inclusive summary report of the 2020 Election and the anomalies and discrepancies in the six key swing states.  Earlier today, The Gateway Pundit published an article highlighting some of the key takeaways from Georgia that can be read here.

All in One Place: President Trump Truths Out Summary Report on *All Swing States* From 2020 Election – Here are the Georgia Highlights

Here, we will focus on Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  The 32-page anonymous report can be read in its entirety at the bottom of this article.


  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled drop boxes are illegal under Wisconsin law,
    in a 4-3 decision issued in July 2022
  • Wisconsin Election Commissioner Meagan Wolfe unilaterally declared ballot
    drop boxes could be used to vote in 2020 elections, even though “WEC’s
    commissioners never voted to adopt this memo.”
  • In the city of Milwaukee, nearly half of all its votes were cast by mail, totaling
    217,424 ballots. The city deployed 15 drop boxes, with election officials
    claiming the drop boxes would be “under 24-hour surveillance.” However,
    after the election, not a single municipality in the county produced video
    surveillance of drop boxes in response to open records requests
  • In 2020 there was a surge of “indefinitely confined” votes in Wisconsin, resulting
    in 220,404 votes cast from individuals who were exempted from showing voter
    ID. This surge of suspect votes was due to Democrat election clerks giving
    advice that was deemed illegal after the election, instructing voters to identify
    themselves as disabled during the COVID pandemic to avoid voter ID laws
  • Scott McDonell, the Democrat clerk of Dane County, which encompasses the
    area of Madison, told all residents they could identify themselves as indefinitely
    confined because of COVID, specifically citing it as a way to get around the
    Voter ID law
  • Indefinitely confined voters, who are supposed to be physically unable to go to
    the polls due to age, disability, or illness, increased by an astounding 393 percent
    in Dane County from 2016 to 2020; 492 percent in Racine County; 281 percent
    in Milwaukee County; and 287 percent in the state overall
  • There were just 56,978 indefinitely confined votes in 2016, and roughly 70,000
    in 2019. In 2020, however, there were 220,404 votes cast using indefinite
    confinement status. Over 77 percent of these individuals had never been listed as
    indefinitely confined before. The Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau identified
    48,554 people who voted as indefinitely confined in November 2020 who had
    never provided photo identification or did not have photo identifications on file
    with clerks, which is more than twice the vote margin of 20,682
  • The Wisconsin Election Commission ordered nursing homes to violate the law
    by not allowing Special Voting Deputies (SVDs) inside their facilities, which led
    to election fraud where incapacitated elderly residents had votes cast in their
    name with the assistance of nursing home staff
  • The Office of Special Counsel’s second interim report found nursing homes in
    Milwaukee, Dane, and Racine counties with 100 percent turnout due to the
    Wisconsin Election Commission’s order
  • Internal emails from election officials in Green Bay revealed Michael Spitzer Rubenstein, a former Democratic Party operative, served as a “de facto elections
    administrator and had access to Green Bay’s absentee ballots days before the
  • The Office of the Special Counsel referenced this case, and has evidence that this
    grantee, which was funded by CTCL, was “directly involved in all aspects of
    management of election officials, was entrusted with the only sets of physical
    keys to the city’s central count location, managed the transportation of ballots,
    and instructed the counting of unlawful ballots that had arrived at the central
    count location beyond the lawful time window.”

Not mentioned in the report:  Investigator Peter Bernegger disclosed in a Senate hearing last month that the Executive Director of Elections in Milwaukee, Claire Woodall-Vogg, not only returned to grab a USB stick left behind, leaving law enforcement suspicious, but also had a “huge truckload of ballots” arrive long after the polls were closed and while observers were forced out, similar to in Fulton County, Georgia.  You can read that article from The Gateway Pundit here.


  • Months after the election, there were 121,240 more votes than voters, according
    to the Pennsylvania Department of State. By law, Pennsylvania cannot certify an
    election with this type of discrepancy
  • Republican lawmakers, led by State Representative Frank Ryan, were tracking
    the vote discrepancy in real time in the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors
    (SURE) system. Ryan, a certified public accountant, initially reported that there
    were 170,830 more votes than voters in the Presidential race, more than twice the
    margin in Pennsylvania. “These numbers just don’t add up, and the alleged
    certification of Pennsylvania’s presidential election results was absolutely
    premature, unconfirmed, and in error,” the lawmakers said
  • The Pennsylvania Department of State’s office called this “obvious
    misinformation,” while admitting the “only way to determine the number of
    voters who voted in November from the SURE system is through the vote
    histories,” which they said Philadelphia, Allegheny, and other counties had still
    not completed — an admission the election was certified without ensuring the
    number of voters and votes matched in the SURE system. The election was
    certified on Nov. 24, 2020, and the Department of State’s statement came on
    Dec. 29, 2020
  • Pennsylvania credited 71,893 people for voting who returned mail-in ballots
    after Election Day, and these individuals were included in the voter history files.
    This includes 50,285 received between Nov. 4 and Nov. 6; 11,570 received
    between Nov. 7 and Nov. 11; and 10,038 that were received on or after Nov. 12.
    [then-Sec of State] Boockvar claimed only 10,000 ballots were received between the close of the
    polls on Election Day and Nov. 6
  • Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook poured over $25 million into the administration of
    the election in Pennsylvania in 2020. Over $10 million went to the Democrat-
    controlled jurisdiction of Philadelphia, which included $5.5 million on “ballot
    processing equipment” and $552,000 for drop boxes.
  • A lawsuit filed in Delaware County revealed video evidence of election officials
    discussing destroying election evidence from the November 2020 Election.63
    “It’s a felony,” one official says after talking about the need to “get rid” of voting
    “pads and second scanners.” Sources involved in the litigation alleged the
    Delaware County officials violated numerous election laws and that the
    destruction of records was “done to ensure records eventually provided actually
    matched the election results that were reported in Nov. 2020.”

Not mentioned in the report:  USPS-contracted trucker Jesse Morgan reported his trailer disappeared while transporting 24 gaylords of completed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania.  Estimates claim the 24 gaylords (pallets) could contain between 130,000 and 280,000 ballots.  A recently released and, of course, highly redacted report from the USPS Office of the Inspector General vindicated Morgan but claimed he underestimated the number of ballots and identified the wrong trailer number.  You can read that article from The Gateway Pundit here.

Next, we will cover the highlights from the summary report regarding Michigan and Arizona.

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