Zelensky punishes men and women who refuse draft as thousands flee Ukraine every day – www.cairnsnews.org

Zelensky punishes men and women who refuse draft as thousands flee Ukraine every day – www.cairnsnews.org

Zelensky’s latest home purchase, Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ former lakeside luxury villa, “Bogensee House” Germany for €8.12 million, adding to his portfolio of luxury American homes

From Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyenko

All Ukranian men aged 25-60 years (including those abroad) who do not report to a recruiting station will be punished. Roughly 6,000 Ukro men flee Ukraine daily, 45% of them in the guise of truck drivers, another 150-200 men as volunteers, the residual are fathers with multiple children and the disabled. Divorcing and taking the kids has become popular some escape by taking the disabled aboard, others have medical certificates of exemption and some change their gender on their passport. Soon it will be a criminal act to flee the country to avoid the draft, justifying the complicit EU countries in their arresting and deporting of Ukrainians to die at the frontline.

At Polish border, nearly 6,000 Ukro men flee Ukraine almost daily, 45% of them in the guise of truck drivers, another 150-200 men as volunteers, the residual are fathers with multiple children and the disabled

A financial crisis is unfolding in Ukraine due to Zelensky’s mass mobilisation plan, Ukraine’s financial system is on the brink of collapse. The threat of drafting another 500,000 Ukrainians is sweeping the country with panic. Zelensky’s punishment; includes isolating people from; their bank accounts, selling property, consular services, renewing ID’s, acquiring power of attorney, access to credit cards. From Jan. 1st, 2024 it is impossible to see a doctor in Ukraine without a military service pass.

So much for do no harm! Kiev authorities will serve summonses at checkpoints, law enforcement will also issue summonses to unsuspecting citizens at checkpoints. They are proposing a mechanism to track those eligible for mobilisation, the “international rules based order (NWO)” wet dream. A run on ATM’s in Ukraine has seen USD 1 billion extracted in a single day. They are plundering their accounts and hoarding cash while dumping the banks.

Ukraine is developing a single database listing all potential recruits, this system shall deliver digital conscription notices via phone. The military is using ministerial databases to create it. Antiquated push-button Nokia phones are now the craze in Ukraine, no Internet, no ID, hence nowhere to send  friendly military summons. Men are reassigning property to their partners, one man transferred his car and apartment to his wife.

Zelensky needs western cash to continue sacrificing innocents on the front line

In the meantime, Ukraine’s Finance Minister has stated that the country does not have the money to finance the mobilisation of 500,000 cannon fodder. Zelensky needs western cash to continue sacrificing innocents. The West has always known that Ukraine would be decimated by Russia and will probably not survive as a nation-state.

In October 2023 Zelensky purchased a former Nazi lakeside luxury villa for €8.12 Million in Germany via his offshore company. The “Bogensee House” was a gift from Hitler to the Nazi minister Joseph Goebbels on his 39th birthday. The Egyptian journalist who investigated the purchase of this luxury villa by Zelensky’s mother-in-law was found dead with numerous abrasions, fractures and a severe head injury.

Kiev’s national debt is USD140 billion, western loans comprise the bulk of it. In 2024 Ukraine’s fertility rate halved falling to 0.7 children p/woman, among the lowest in EU. Ukraine as a country will collapse when the US and EU pull the financing. 500,000 civil servants and 1.4 million teachers will lose salaries and 10 million will lose pensions but defense spending will remain. The West fully funds the Ukrainian government they are totally dependent on the milk of the western horde. Oleksiy Arestovych former advisor to the Ukranian President, is suggesting Ukraine join forces with Russia to make peace and sue the West.

Russia achieved a fundamental turning point in the confrontation with the West in 2023 for Zelensky the war is the only chance to stay in power. The Ukrainian army is rapidly deflating on the battlefield. They fire 6,000 155mm calibre shells daily while their US masters produce 14,000 per month and this is how they plan to defeat Russia. Russia’s recent large-scale surprise attack, destroyed drone and munitions production facilities and energy infrastructure. RF rockets, artillery and small arms munitions manufacturing has increased 50 fold. RF factories now making 7 times more tanks, while Western countries struggle to send 300,000 of their promised 1 million artillery shells.

While the Ukro’s heads are still spinning from the failed US managed counteroffensive Ukraine is looking at total mobilisation. Russia is superior in many aspects, ranging from economic might to personnel reserves. Ukraine’s 2024 prospects are dismal, it’s mounting casualties are unsustainable, it’s lack of territorial gains, the counteroffensive failure, its all engulfing conscription drive and reducing financial and military flows from its Western masters, Ukrainian has lost the initiative.

The RF is now gaining momentum and is actively advancing in all areas including Ivanivske and Novomykhailivka stripping away defense layer after layer, trench after trench. The RF has entered the village of Georgievka, it is located beyond Marinka which is now under full RF control. The Ukro’s lack sufficient artillery and aircraft, while Russia has ample including artillery. The lack of Western cash and weapons will be an absolute disaster for Kiev and its puppet masters, 80% of the weapons Ukrainian uses originate from the US, to start producing their own would take years and an awful lot of cash. The Ukro’s withdrew their troops in the SE part of the Rabotino ledge. The front continues to be pushed away from Verbovoy. RF troops continue to press from the West of Rabotino and to the North between Novoprokopovka and Verbovoe. The Russians have advanced at least 2.1 km wide and 850 m deep.

In the Zaporozhye region, the Ukro’s are retreating up to 1 km a day from the Orekhov-Rabotino line. The fighting is also escalating in the Ugledar region in the east, and the process of exhausting Ukrainian troops and pushing them back to the north is ongoing. Advancement continues in the NW direction in the Avdeevsky and Maryinsky directions.

The RF army has begun the decisive battle for Avdeevka under a refreshed offensive. RF artillery fires continuously, supporting the infantry that’s sealing the Avdeevka ring. The Ukro’s missed their opportunity to withdraw, any withdrawal will turn into a meat grinder with heavy casualties. All roads from the city are under RF artillery fire. The 47th, 46th, 148th, and 31st Brigades have been transferred to the Avdeevska region.

The Ukro’s now retreat towards Rabotino, Artemovsk, Severny and Terny. The Ukro’s have started relocating their forces to Avdeevka this is occurring along the entire front from near Bogdanovka to Sinkovka and Severny to Makeevka. They are robbing one to pay for the other, they are on the brink of collapse. They have enough strength for one last thrust to take Crimea, inevitably doomed to failure even with full mobilisation, women or not.

An RF Break through and beyond the Donetsk region would be catastrophic for the Ukro’s. Beyond the Donetsk regions the terrain opens up and flattens out, providing relatively easy access to the Dnieper River and beyond. The Russian offensive is ramping up nullifying any gains made by the Ukro’s during their Summer offensive. Russia is rapidly developing electronic warfare systems, making it near impossible to use high-precision weapons at long range. Ukraine’s stocks of weapons are exhausted and it shows on the battlefield. The West continues to supply missiles and air defense systems to Kiev, but not on the scale that it once did. Ukraine’s stocks are empty, the NATO/US military arsenals are empty. The Ukrainians are responding to 10-20 RF shells with just a few of their own.

The failures of the are explained by the effective operation of Russian electronic warfare systems. The RF army has created a solid wall of electromagnetic pulses, which effectively neutralises enemy missiles. The network of infrared and radar signals emitted cause the HIMARS MLRS to frequently miss. A US ATACMS missile directed at the Crimean Bridge was intercepted. They are the simplistic MGM-140 ATACMS version with a range of 160 klm. Russian X-101 cruise missiles can now fire decoy flares.

The Zelensky regime used Czech Vampire rockets loaded with cluster munitions to strike civilians in Belgorod the Ukrainian Olkha system, able to fire 12 guided rockets in a single volley and strike targets up to 130 klm’s away. Zelensky assigned the operation to K. Budanov. Cluster munitions scatter over a large area after detonation, causing multiple secondary blasts. The Ukro’s murdered 24, including children, injuring 108. Moscow requested Prague’s diplomats to attend an emergency UN meeting called by Russia to discuss the use of Czech rockets, Czech FM Lipavsky rejected Russia’s invitation.

The best the UN could do was publish a generic response on the Belgorod terror attack, ignoring UK involvement. They targeted the town square where the Christmas tree was erected.  Another target was the Dynamo sports complex, where children gymnastics classes were taking place, the 3rd was a skating rink in the city centre filled with parents and kids. In response the RF military hit decision-making centres and military facilities in Kharkov. The Kharkov Palace hotel accommodating Main Intelligence militants housing up to 200 foreign mercenaries was hit with high-precision missiles, they were directly involved in the planning and execution of the attack.

The Kharkov SBU building was also hit, foreign mercenaries and militants of the Kraken unit were eliminated, they suffered significant losses. The strikes also hit a branch of the national space control centre in Zalestsy, Khmelnitsky region. RF believes Britain was behind the terrorist attack in Belgorod.

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