China Ready to Invade Taiwan

China Ready to Invade Taiwan

By BubbaNews

Is China ready to Invade Taiwan? China has anti-aircraft carrier missiles, & they have plan to use them on the United States Pacific Fleet. The Chinese Military Technology will stun the world very soon.

Here’s what others had to say:

SAM Reports
The Important war has already been Won for all eternity. Buckle (Amor) up for the completion of prophecy.
Hope you & yours are doing well.

I Love Jesus Reigns Forever
Dang…. we don’t stand a chance against that tech. Wowzers!

Renee Vester
Those are those scary drones. Thanks for the update.

Cali Singh
They have microwave energy weapons , emf tech. And unconventional warfare is more effective and already being done.

Official FAX Checker
That tech is insane! Thanks Bubba.

Dee Bee
In my opinion, humans are irredeemable.

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