Full Interview: World Renowned Doctor Blows Lid Off of BS 19

Full Interview: World Renowned Doctor Blows Lid Off of BS 19

By Free World News

Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the dangers of the novel COVID vaccine and it’s roll out. This is a product that had minimal testing, but is being pushed on the masses. Must we all get the shot for things to “go back to normal”? Are you going to get the shot? Dr. Peter McCullough has been the world’s most prominent and vocal advocate for early outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection in order to prevent hospitalization and death. On May 19, 2021, he was interviewed regarding his efforts as a treating physician and researcher. From his unique vantage point, he has observed and documented a PROFOUNDLY DISTURBING POLICY RESPONSE to the pandemic — a policy response that may prove to be the greatest malpractice and malfeasance in the history of medicine and public health.

Here’s what others had to say: 

I looked up the T-detect test that he mentions and found this on the website;

“At Adaptive Biotechnologies, we’ve spent over a decade building our proprietary immune medicine platform to decode the adaptive immune system to learn how it naturally detects and fights a multitude of diseases.

Through a collaboration with Microsoft, we are using our platform and Microsoft’s AI and Machine Learning to develop a TCR-antigen map, a map of T cells, the first responders of the adaptive immune system, to the antigens they bind. Using this data, we aim to translate the natural diagnostic capability of the immune system into the clinic.

When the pandemic began, we extended our platform to COVID-19 to develop the first-ever T cell-based clinical test that can detect an immune response to recent or past COVID-19 infection.”

So are they sharing test results with Microsoft? I would consider taking this test but Bill Gates does not need a copy of my medical record or my genome.

I feel bad for doctors who are finding out this is a all out assault on humanity. Man oh man.

8th document down on this page in the provided link. I saved the Johns Hopkins document calling cavid19 a fictional virus. Not one politician will hold it in front of congress on national news

What a wonderful physician!! God bless him. We need more like him.

Love this interview. Good man.. I love how he pointed out Dr. Zelenko and Dr. Bartlett. I was harping on them and their success of their methods like the whole “pandemic”. It really went to show you how the media ignored any and every viable treatment… all of this was never about a virus. It’s exactly like Alex says. This is a war on logic, a war on truth. These evil people want total control. They don’t want you to question anything. God bless anyone standing up against this!

What an extraordinary physician! I am a physician and I am humbled at his words. We Americans need to group up and stand firm together…

I just realized doctors use this examination room lowered tone of voice.

Yeah but I don’t think he understands the the biological details(or lies?), THE TESTS ARE A COMPLETE FRAUD, he is just propagating the viral notion. “It’s the 1% of the poison in the information that kills the mouse” good he talked about toxic chock because a toxin makes the covid while everyone is chasing a ghost, Foias for many countries were done asking for the purified virus and no one has it. He talks about Remdesivir as it that was meant to treat anything(bad), no, it’s just for money.

Until covid-19 is ISOLATED & causality determined, its nothing more than a mutated strain of the flu & a tool to usher in the NWO

A man with integrity. The minute they started to repeatedly push the shots, I was very skeptical. What is actually in the shots and why are they pushing it so hard? After this, I am very hesitant to take any of their vaccines.

1. He says there are so many cases, so he believes the PCR test is valid at 40 cycles (“my dad had Covid”, “I had Covid”). This is shocking. Is he controlled opposition?
2. Where were all the crowded hospitals? They were on the MSM, but HHS website (AJ also showed the Austin hospitals were empty on this and video) showed many empty beds.
3. Why are the EU and the North America “inundated” with cases, China quickly had no cases, Vietnam no cases, Japan many cases but only 2% deaths of the US from march ’20 to march ’21 only 2,000 deaths (3,500 deaths from Flu in ’20. THERE IS NO HCQ in Japan and they don’t use Ivermectin for “Covid”). Covid has a “passport” it seems, oh and the US and EU are just coincidentally under Globalist attack, not Asia.
4. The CDC says only 5% of deaths were due to Corona alone, how could 85% be prevented? Dr. Peter is either lying or brainwashed that the PCR is valid.
5. He doesn’t know anything about the lack of a purified isolation of SarsC2, that is was determined by metagenomics that basically gets a gene from a computer data base (or it was all faked). So where is the virus more than a positive PCR test?
6. He told us about 5 times how he is the most published Dr on Covid. So should Einstein brag he was the least published physicist?
7. He doesn’t mention the population reduction plan. Why doesn’t he know this?

-HE IS CORRECT on the scam against HCQ. But HCQ and Ivermectin can treat any viral respiratory infection so that is not proof that Covid exists.
-He IS CORRECT about the danger of vaccines.
-He makes it sound so complex to get a protocol of therapeutics even for him, how is Joe six pack and your avg working class person going to advocate to get that kind of help?—they will just get a vax.

My opinion:
-he needs to focus on the lack of evidence for the existence of Covid so there is no reason to get a vax in addition to the dangers of getting a vax.
-to the public should promote Vit D, zinc, quercertin.

What an amazing interview. The one he gave at The Highwire is similar, but more compact and jumps directly to current events. If someone cannot activate their reason watching this… then there’s no fix

Original Source: https://freeworldnews.tv/watch?id=60b41bdaddb0ce5c01560b03

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