How Important Is Ukraine for People Around the World?

How Important Is Ukraine for People Around the World?

By Pasha

How important is Ukraine for people around the world? Regardless of whether their leaders have sided with Ukraine or not, citizens of 26 out of 27 countries surveyed by the Ipsos International Research Center put “inflation” as their number one concern in an April survey. These include countries that have taken a hard line against Russia (like the US, UK, Canada, and Poland), and those that haven’t condemned Moscow (like India, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia). Poverty, unemployment, crime, and corruption made up the four most worrying issues behind inflation, with “military conflict between nations” coming in at a distant 11th, between climate change and immigration control.
Citizens of Poland are most worried about the conflict over their eastern border, with 38% ranking it the most important issue facing the world. Only 20% of Americans rated it their number one issue, while just 13% of Hungarians, who also share a border with Ukraine, rated it top.

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