Argentina wants UK to discuss giving Falklands back — RT World News

Argentina wants UK to discuss giving Falklands back — RT World News

Buenos Aires wants to keep a “mature relationship” with London and relaunch negotiations over long-disputed islands

Argentina has called on the UK to resume talks on the British-controlled Falklands Islands, stating it wanted to finally find a “solution” to the territorial dispute. The statement on the matter was made by the country’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, marking the 190th anniversary of the British occupation of the islands, known in Argentina as Las Islas Malvinas.

Since 1833, all Argentine governments have reaffirmed their “legitimate and imprescriptible sovereignty rights over the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas,” the ministry said in a statement, signaling the new administration was no exception.

“The Argentine Government once again expresses its willingness to resume bilateral negotiations in order to find a solution to this sovereignty dispute, in accordance with the relevant UN General Assembly resolutions,” the ministry stated.

“Within this framework, the Argentine Government wishes to maintain a mature relationship with the United Kingdom that involves substantive and constructive dialogue on all matters of mutual interest, with a view to building a climate of trust conducive to the resumption of negotiations,” it added.

The disputed archipelago is located some 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) off the Argentine mainland. The country maintains it has sovereignty rights over the territories since it was granted authority over them when it received its independence from Spain back in 1816.

Buenos Aires’ statement on Wednesday falls in line with the campaign pledges made by the recently-sworn-in Argentine President Javier Milei, who repeatedly invoked the Malvinas issue, stating it was time to “get them back.” Milei has pledged to work on the issue once in office, sticking to “diplomatic channels” to resolve the dispute.

Milei’s pledges received a cold reception in London, with British PM Rishi Sunak’s office stating the country’s sovereignty over the Falklands was “non-negotiable” and the issue “was settled decisively some time ago.” The latter remark apparently referred to the 74-day war between the two nations in 1982, which resulted in Argentina’s defeat.

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